Henning Wolter Trio

New CD "Undercover Job" CD Release 15 March 2013. 

Henning Wolter Trio „Undercover Job“  

The jazz musicians of the Henning Wolter Trio are haunted by the "magic of the unseen", and so without further ado, they have created a congenial alliance between music and the concealed. For their latest concept album "Undercover Job", Henning Wolter (Agent 002 ½ - piano, composition), Lucien Matheeuwsen (Agent Bascrobat - bass) and Marcel van Cleef (Agent Taxi - drums, percussion) convincingly slip into the roles of three agents.


Their mission? 

The detection of hidden treasures, their diversity and beauty; what is commonly known as "between the lines".


Their tools? 

An exuberant creativity, a playful and easy handling of creative perfection, and an extraordinary talent for composition - all intertwined with musical virtuosity, subtle humour and an almost philosophical depth.


Their recurring theme; their hot lead? 

Henning Wolter has dedicated compositions to famous secret agents, situations or places that are connected with the undercover world; program-musical elements evoke associations to their respective scenes. Appearing among others on the way are: Miss Moneypenny (Track 2): quick-witted, sassy and cheeky; Lawrence of Arabia (Track 3): you can feel the endless vastness and heat of the desert with every note; Face F-U-T-E-N-E-R-O (Track 5): world famous and historically significant - the agent exchange on the Glienicke bridge in divided Berlin. A chapter in the history of agents characterised by its melancholy atmosphere. The piano solo tracks 1 and 11 form the parentheses of this stunning musical thriller - and the three agents of the Henning Wolter Trio have confidently dedicated it to themselves.



The hidden treasure?

In each of the pieces on "Undercover Job", a secret message is hidden - an encrypted code that can and should be interactively cracked at www.undercover-job.com. The winner gets the treasure...


So, get involved! Spread the word! Psssssst... But undercover, of course!


More information about Undercover Job on: http://www.facebook.com/undercoverjob and http://www.undercover-job.com/

"Le Grand Spectacle" Henning Wolter Trio

Henning Wolter (composition/ piano)

Lucien Matheeuwsen (bass)

Marcel van Cleef (drums, percussion, vocal)