Introducing NITT - “Not Inspired Try Tomorrow”, the new exciting trio mixes atmospheric ambient textures with heavy modern grooving waves, all flavoured by bursting solos and a highly interactive musical interplay. NITT are Omri Abramov on Saxophone and EWI, Roberto Badoglio on Electric Bass and Marcel van Cleef on Drums and Percussion. Thanks to their fresh use of cutting edge electronic instruments, synths and sound effects, the trio is capable of achieving vast and complex soundscapes and travel between them through a dynamic interplay. Omri’s talent of combining and sounding like multiple different instruments using his EWI gear, Roberto’s ability of switching between traditional bass playing and chordal ‘guitar-style’ arrangements, and Marcel shifting between drums and various percussions making the element of surprise a key feature of the band. 

Each member brings their unique sound and style to the band, elevating their music to new heights.


Marcel van Cleef


Phone: 0049(0)17640218810