Equipment & Endorsements



Drums: Odery Custom

Shell: Solid Block (Eucalyptus)

Finish: Special Wax

Hardware Finish: Old Copper

Wood Hoops, Vintage Lugs



Toms: 8” x 7”, 10” x 8”, 12” x 9”, 14” x 11”

Bassdrums: 20” x 18”, 16” x 16”

Snaredrums: 13” x 6” (Air Control System, Wood Hoops)

10” x 4” (Solid Block Eucalyptus, Wood Hoops)

12” x 6,5” (Molded Alumínio HT System, copper brushed)



Cajón Set: Lp

Cajón Lp



LP Tambora

Marimbula Schlagwerk

Felle: REMO

REMO Powerstroke Pro

REMO Powerstroke 3

Coated Emperor

Coated Ambassador






LP Giovanni Compact Conga

LP Cowbell

Remo Tombeks 8”, 10”

Remo Tombek 12” (als Bassdrum)

Go Djembe 13” (als Bassdrum)


Hardware & Pedale

Tama Rack System

Tama Iron Cobra Hi-Hat-Pedal

DW 9000 Remote Hi-Hat

Axis Longboard A Double Pedal (2x)


Axis Longboard A Single Pedal (3x)

Hang Setup

1 Hang Huzam

1 Hang Locrian

1 Hang C Pentatonik

1 Hang Integral

Chaya Handpan:

1. C sharp Annaziska

2. E Sabye

3. F Pentatonic.

Drumsticks: Icestix

Icestix Marcel van Cleef Signature

Marcel van Cleef Signature Roots

Wincent Wire Brushes Medium




Marcel van Cleef ist Tester von In-Ear.

EAP Pickup

The Ehrlund Acoustic Pickup (EAP) is a linear contact microphone for instruments with an acoustic sound box such as the guitar, violin, double bass and ethno-instruments. It is 100% Swedish manufactured and based on the same know-how as other Ehrlund products.